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  • This mod allows users with the permission to upload images that will serve as rewards.
  • These images can be assigned a name as well as from what they were earned (Ex. Contest, or the name of a game)
  • The image and the details assigned with the image are stored and can then be assigned to members.
  • The Admin panel provides the place to upload them, assign them, and also they can be viewed there.
  • The same image can be assigned to multiple members, which can be preset through membergroups (to help with larger forums)
  • Once assigned, the member can view his/her album, as well as others.
  • They will be able to select their favorite image, as well as see who else has earned that award.
  • Those with the permissions, can edit the image and information assigned to that image, as well as completely delete it.


! Bug fixes
+ Feature addition


! Check to see if upload folder is already writeable.
! Show the members in Regular Members groups and moderators

! Fixed a bug causing MySQL to spit an error when only registered users was selected on assign. (ManageAwards.php)
! A few minor type-os.


If you have the Global Announcements mod installed you need to install the Admin Modification Menu Section mod installed.

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