SMF Mods

During the course of time I have written many mods for SMF. Some paid and others free. Here is a list of my mods for SMF.

Paid Mods

If you are interested in hiring me to write custom mods please send me an email to JayBachatero [at] simplemachines [dot] org.

Free Mods

Media Center



This mod will show forum attachments in a centralized location. The mod is broken up into 3 sections; Music, Videos and Images. They all check the users permission for the boards that they are allowed to see. If they can’t see a certain board then they can’t see the attachment. Each section has it’s own permission.


– Categorize attachments by media type into one location.
– The sections are Music, Movies and Images
– Each section has its own permission for maximum flexibility.
– Users only see attachments for the boards that they have permission to see.
– Uses advance sorting method in queries for maximum speed optimization.
– Stores the ID_ATTACH into cache for query optimization.
– Ability to format and clean names. TRACK_01.mp3 would become Track 01.mp3.
– Uses thumbnails to show images previews. If there is no thumb image it gets the default image if the image is smaller than the thumbnail settings.
– Caches the attachments to save bandwidth.

Member Awards



  • This mod allows users with the permission to upload images that will serve as rewards.
  • These images can be assigned a name as well as from what they were earned (Ex. Contest, or the name of a game)
  • The image and the details assigned with the image are stored and can then be assigned to members.
  • The Admin panel provides the place to upload them, assign them, and also they can be viewed there.
  • The same image can be assigned to multiple members, which can be preset through membergroups (to help with larger forums)
  • Once assigned, the member can view his/her album, as well as others.
  • They will be able to select their favorite image, as well as see who else has earned that award.
  • Those with the permissions, can edit the image and information assigned to that image, as well as completely delete it.

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