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New Laptop

Recently my laptop has been acting up. It’s been getting real hot. The temperature is averaging 65C. So I went ahead and contacted Dell support. Told them the issue and they didn’t ask too much questions. They just asked for address and are going to send me another laptop in a few days. Seems like I’m going to have to install Ubuntu again and struggle getting WiFi to work on it. Last time that I tried to get it to work, it was a mission to do but I was able to get it working.

Well That’s all for now. I’ll post an update when I get the new one. Maybe I get lucky and it comes with another OS that is not Vista Basic.

Where have I been?

Wow it’s been a while since I write here. A lot has happened in the past few months. I started my first semester in college in January. It went ok I guess. I’m majoring in Computer Programming. I also got myself a laptop. I got a Dell Inspiron 1501. It’s pretty good.

The only and best thing that happened since my last post was that I went on vacation to D.R. (Dominican Republic) after having three years w/o going. I enjoyed my self out there. It was great. Lots of drinking and what not. I didn’t even want to come back.

(Un)fortunately With my trip to D.R. I became less attached to the PC. Seems like I’ve lost lots of interest in Programming and PC related stuff. One of the biggest things that I’ve lost interest is in SMF. As some of you may have noticed I barely post there. All I do is lurk from time to time. I myself don’t know the exact reasons for the lost of interest. There are many factors affecting me there ATM. I’m still trying to decide what to do. Also my current job is taking a lot of time away from me so that is affecting me as well as far as being on online and so on. I come home too tired to code. So this has me looking for a new job. I’m trying to find a job that’s programming related. The current one is not even remotely close to it.

I started working on rewriting I’m slowly working on that as well but since there is no motivation its taking me longer than usual to get things done.

Well thats it for now I guess. I’m just trying to get myself back together and get that motivation and time to do what I once loved and enjoyed doing…

Introducing SMF 2.0

Simple Machines is proud to announce that the next version of SMF will be version 2.0 – in recognition of the scale of the changes implemented since SMF 1.1. As well as adding new features such as a WYSIWYG editor and custom profile fields, SMF 2.0 makes considerable changes “under the hood” with improved caching and database abstraction….

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How NOT to steal a Sidekick

These guys not only kept the Sidekick they found in a taxi in NYC, but then took pics of their whole family with it as well as signing on to AOL. Note: I know this is on my own website, but I have no ads and am not making any money on this. NO outside links on this page other than to these people’s info.

Funny thing is that these people live close to where I live.

One last word OWN3D!!!

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