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Introducing SMF 2.0

Simple Machines is proud to announce that the next version of SMF will be version 2.0 – in recognition of the scale of the changes implemented since SMF 1.1. As well as adding new features such as a WYSIWYG editor and custom profile fields, SMF 2.0 makes considerable changes “under the hood” with improved caching and database abstraction….

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How NOT to steal a Sidekick

These guys not only kept the Sidekick they found in a taxi in NYC, but then took pics of their whole family with it as well as signing on to AOL. Note: I know this is on my own website, but I have no ads and am not making any money on this. NO outside links on this page other than to these people’s info.

Funny thing is that these people live close to where I live.

One last word OWN3D!!!

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