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Name: Juan J. Hernandez Age: 20

Newtown Goes Wireless

Cisco WAPDecember 2005 marks the installment of a wireless network within the walls of Newtown High School. Jack Stoddard, Newtown alumnus and former Vice President of Sales for Mitel Networks Inc., donated the equipment for the wireless network in Newtown among other technological commodities.

With technology improving everyday, Newtown is no longer lagging behind. Have you noticed the little boxes in your classroom above the door? During the months of December and January a wireless network was installed in the building. Almost every room is equipped with a Wireless Access Point (W.A.P.) which allows one to connect to the Internet. Some of you are wondering, what is a Wireless Access Point? According to a wireless access point is “a device that connects wireless communication devices such as a laptop together, to form a wireless network.” Continue reading Newtown Goes Wireless

Sony’s PSP: The hot new gadget in Newtown High School

Sony's PSP

Video game consoles have come a long way, from Atari to Nintendo to Play Station and X-Box. Most of us have played videos games at least once in our lifetime. Do you remember the first portable gaming console, the first Game Boy ever, and how the black and white screen was so immense?

Portable video games have evolved over the years. Now you have the ability to do more than just play video games. With the release of Sony’s PSP (Play Station Portable), a new portable gaming console gave portable gaming a new meaning. Continue reading Sony’s PSP: The hot new gadget in Newtown High School