Last Day of High School

I normally don’t write much about anything personal but there is a first time for everything :P.

Today was my last my last full day of High School. I have been waiting for this dayto come for the longest. I used to count down how many days I had “till I ge the f*** out of Newtown.” Today that the day has come I don’t want it to end.

I’m the type that I don’t get too attached to people, school or other things.

This is not the case anymore. I got attached to my friends and classes this year. One that stood out was my Journalism class. Even though I was lazy in that and every other class i learned a lot from it, had a whole lot of fun too. Now I wish this day would’ve never come. I’m going to miss going to that class everyday and bothering and annoying the f*** out of Emmely, Carolina and Mayleen.

I’m going to miss you guys. Especially Emmely, Carolina aka stupid junior, Mayleen aka juju, Catiti, Julissa la maldita cuero, Sasha and the rest. Matter of fact I’m going to miss Newtown period. 🙁

3 thoughts on “Last Day of High School”

  1. babes i’m goin 2 miss u 2. man i can’t believe its gone so fast. jus yesterday we started working 2geda n it seems like we wen 2 dat trip jus recently da college fair at lehmen. man i wana cry again! i miss u teddy bear!

  2. Hi Jay, I wrote a comment but maybe I didn’t submit it.

    Last day at high school hey! You’ll miss your friend, you know! I just did the maths and it’s over 50 years since my last day at high school.

    That’s a ‘how times flies when you’re having fun’ statement!! 🙂


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