Microsoft’s Newest Addition: The XBOX 360

Xbox 360The war for the next generation console has started. First to the battle field is Microsoft with their new addition to their lines of consoles. The XBOX 360. The 360 was released on November 2005. The 360 is sold in two packages; the XBOX 360 and the XBOX 360 Core package. These two packages come equipped with the same console but with different accessories. The ‘XBOX 360’ package ($399) comes with a hard drive, wireless controller, XBOX Live headset, component HD AV cable (to connect to a regular TV or a HD equipped TV) and an Ethernet cable. On the other hand the ‘XBOX Core’ package ($299) comes with just the console a wired controller and a composite AV cable (to connect to regular TV jack).After all the complains about how hard and uncomfortable it was to play with the original XBOX controller, Microsoft has listened to its gamers and redesigned the controller. It is said that the controller gives gamer a better gaming experience.

Halo 3 is expected to be one of the hottest games for the Xbox 360. But with or without the game, one thing still stays the same, Xbox is still in high demand. Time will tell how long this demand will last.

How NOT to steal a Sidekick

These guys not only kept the Sidekick they found in a taxi in NYC, but then took pics of their whole family with it as well as signing on to AOL. Note: I know this is on my own website, but I have no ads and am not making any money on this. NO outside links on this page other than to these people’s info.

Funny thing is that these people live close to where I live.

One last word OWN3D!!!

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